In Extreme Snoring I suggested you might want to use the recording to “annoy the neighbors” or some such nonsense. Well, today I got an email:

I just had to say thanks for the snoring sample. Its a work of art and couldnt have been found at a more opportune time for me. I am having probs with the neighbor and they just refuse to stop being a-holes and just leave me alone. On top of that the neighbor lady has a bad snoring problem, so bad I swear she is in the bed with me. She seems to think that the walls are super thick and no sound goes thru but she is wrong and thanks to your snoring sound sample I look forward to letting the neighbor know just how well sound travels. Thanks again and have a good one. :)

I’m glad my ailment could be of use to someone. I may have to record more of the annoying sounds I make. (There are many!)

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