Just over a year ago we wondered if Garmin Hates Macs? and at the time, it seemed they did.

Has anything changed? Supposedly on January 10, 2006 they announced GPS Product Support for Mac OS X. Cool! Though they might want to update their FAQ, which says “Garmin does not support Macintosh computers at this time and does not have Macintosh software or connectors available” to match the above statement.

Honestly I don’t know what the Garmin statement means yet, I may have to ask the macmap Yahoo! Group to decipher it.

Update: See Garmin’s Mac Outpost in the Desert… and the Garmin Blog: Apple/Mac category.

One Response to “Does Garmin Still Hate Macs?”

  1. TAGNo Gravatar says:

    See the more recent post on the Garmin Blog, titled MotionBased is Moving to Mac. Garmin is working to make all of their most popular products and services compatible by the end of 2006.

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