Podcasts are great. We’ve know this for years. Some of us more than others, but I digress… This is a request for people who speak at conferences. Please repeat the question!

Here’s the problem. I’m listening to a podcast from some conference where some smart person is talking, and they are taking questions, and you suddenly hear 30 seconds of near-silence, and then you hear the speaker answer. This isn’t always the case, but often the folks in the crowd asking questions are not mic’d, or you just can’t hear them. So you get something like this:


Followed by:

RSS. Definitely it has been RSS…

Of course you don’t know if the question was “What is the most important part of your application?” or “What has been the biggest headache to deal with?” So you’re left guessing. This is easily solved if the speaker repeats each question before answering it.

I know, I should probably just attend all of these conferences instead of just listening to them. If you want to sponsor me, just get in touch…

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