I first heard of Mint when it came out, but I never really looked at it too deeply. A few months ago I heard about Mint again, and heard about Peppers, and wondered what the heck Peppers were… Well, Peppers are plugins for Mint.

Pepper is a cute name for Mint plugins. Pepper. Mint. Peppermint! There is even a 3rd party plugin site named Peppermint Tea.

Maybe it’s just me, but I sort of found the name ‘Pepper’ a little goofy. Yes, it distinctly says that we are talking about a plugin for Mint, but why not just call them plugins? Maybe since Mint is aimed towards web geeks, it’s ok, and if you are geeky enough to know that a Pepper is a plugin, it’s all good.

Still, should the WordPress folks have called their plugins “Papers” or “Letters” or something? Should the Movable Type folks call their plugins “Typefaces” or something? They we’d have to explain that a plugin for application X is called a “Foo” and a plugin for application Y is called a “Bar” and so on…

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