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Over the years I’ve tried a number of TO DO lists. Some running locally, some online, some that output OPML, or RSS or some other crazy thing, but they all required some sort of work, and they still were not in my face enough. I scrapped it all and went lo-tech…

I’ve moved all my tasks to my Simple GTD Board. There is a magic marker, bits of paper, pushpins, and a few labels. It’s a simple system, but aren’t those usually the best? It’s right above my left monitor, and I can’t walk into the office without seeing it, so it’s in my face pretty much all the time. No site to visit, no app to launch and keep running. Simple is better, right? Now, back to getting things done…

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  1. Cool! I use a smaller (portable) version like this for my projects list, which works great for me. More at:

    On using Post-It notes for GTD projects, instead of lists

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