It’s not easy being all nutty about dates…

When signing up for another online service, I was presented with the following form:

Dates of confusion

The part with “Which Looks Right” stopped me, not because it’s not even labelled ‘Date‘, I mean, I’m guessing that it’s a date thing, but I could be wrong here. Maybe it’s some sort of captcha or math problem, I dunno… Anyway…

The “Which Looks Right” stopped me because neither one looks right to me. To look “right” to me it would be 2005-02-14, though I suppose I could also accept 02/14/2005 if forced to. 4-digit years people! YYYY-MM-DD formatting people! Come on!

2 Responses to “Date Problems”

  1. Phil WilsonNo Gravatar says:

    ActuaIIy, I think this is one of the better ways Of getting a user to select the right date format, although i take the point about four-digit years.

  2. Phil WilsonNo Gravatar says:

    stupid handwriting recognition.

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