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EmbedTheVideo.com is an entire web site which does nothing but generate a single block of HTML.

Yup, that’s about all it does, and it is insane that it’s so complex. To set the record straight, the site is just over 3 months, and this is how it started: I replied to a message from Josh Kinberg explaining (once again) how to embed video using the Video Popup Linkmaker he put online, and he replied that my semi-serious suggestion (registering embedthevideo.com) was a good idea. Domains are cheap, and I’ve got server space, so it happened.

So if you look at embedthevideo.com today, you’ll see the names of the folks who contributed to make it exist. I mainly fixed a few minor bugs, and supplied a nice URL.

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  1. Crap, looks like we’ve got bugs to fix: http://gonze.com/weblog/story/5-10-6

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