Over at tinkernet, on the post titled The Sledding, we got the following comment:

I’m very, very impressed that this sort of work is being done; Web Design is getting stagnant with people using just styled block-level elements to produce artwork. The incorporation of SVG into sites excites me a lot. How long do you expect it will take for this sort of technology to be widespread? Obviously you can only speak about WebKit realistically, but if it’s going to take ten years for IE Win to gain (full) support, we can’t design with it. I’m amused by the “Becoming more important” line in the first paragraph. This has been a HUGE problem for years – ever since HTML-2.0 was introduced to be more of a layout language and less of a markup language. For an example, you just have to look at this site. sex partners Why is all the text crammed over on the left side of the page with a big blank space on the right side? Why is the default font tiny and unreadable? Fortunately most browsers now let you override the latter problem.

I didn’t approve the comment. I removed the link, which pointed to what I’m sure was some sort of adult site, but besides that and the ‘sex partners’ text, everything else appears semi-legit. Of course there is the fact that it has nothing at all do to with the post it was attached to. So close… This could have been left on another site, on another post, and it would have been relevant, which makes the future of comment spamming just a little more scary.

3 Responses to “Now that’s SPAM!”

  1. That’s not the future of comment spam; it’s the present. I’m getting those all the time. Some use an existing weblog comment from the same entry, which looks legit until I spot the spammer’s site links.

  2. Rogers, I guess you’re seeing more of it than I am. (You and your popesquatting/Winer-fighting activities!) Most of the comment spam I get is easily recognizable in less than a second, while this one took me actually reading it to determine how to file it.

  3. johnNo Gravatar says:

    I think that I must have to much time on my hands, some googleing came up with this:


    Might there be a way to see if parts of the comment have been posted elsewhere and if so flag it as spam?

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