I’ve started swimming again. The water is warm enough, and it’s at least 80 degrees outside.

Add the swimming to the walking we’ve been trying to do, and the occasional bike rides, and we might just strengthen the old legs enough to be able to go snowboarding next winter and not be sore for two days afterwards…

See? Always thinking ahead…

2 Responses to “Kick those legs!”

  1. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    good call, that’s exactly what i do in the off season to keep my legs going…

    hiking w/ the dogs, mountain-biking and swimming are great – but just so you know, everybody’s legs hurt at the beginning of snowboard season and even sometimes during the season after either a good powder day or an especially icy day (both put stress on your legs in slightly different ways)…

    wakeboarding is also good for the same muscles as snowboarding – though its tough on your upper body & and requires a boat and driving partner ;)

    pray for snow pete ;)

  2. Yeah, wakeboarding is a good idea, but I don’t think we could quite pull it off using our canoe, even if we did attach the trolling motor. ;)

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