Tantek talks about the Microformats Search that Techorati just released. This is totally cool! Microformats are just gonna explode on the web in the next year.

I’ve been (silently) trying to introduce Microformats to many of the sites I’m involved with, including ocono.com. I was also able to add it to the last large project I worked on for a b2b company as well. It’s not hard, as it’s really just adding CSS class names appropriately.

Microformats have had a bit of the chicken/egg problem, why bother using them if there are not (many) tools that can consume them? My suggestion is to start using Microformats today, because it’s so damn easy, and if you’re lucky (which you will be) the payoff will happen later as more and more tools support them. Small costs upfront yielding large returns later. It’s a win-win situation.

So use Microformats, tell Pingerati, and then sit back and wait…

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