I do not remember where I first heard about the “ringtone that adults can’t hear” but I figured I’d look it up, as my hearing is pretty poor (what?) and I wanted to test this whole thing out.

Luckily it didn’t take much to find someone with a recipe, in this case, it was JimXugle’s comment on Digg which goes like this:

open Audacity…

Generate > Tone

Waveform: Sine
Frequency: 18000.00
Amplitude: 1.00

*generate tone*

So I fired up Audacity and started to experiment.

Audacity Tone Generator

I started with 18000 Hertz, and I could not hear anything. I then started at the low-end instead, and I could hear 12000 Hertz, and 13000 Hertz, but 14000 Hertz? No good…


One Response to “Hear This!”

  1. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    My Chris Farley take …
    That reminds me in electronics class where you found some book saying a certain frequency would make your ears bleed. I remember me, you, and possibly Dean and John hooked it up one of Fogel’s signal generators to a speaker and let it sound. I don’t recal anyone’s ears bleeding but I do remember my ear wax staring to drain …
    Ah the days….

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