Despite my complaining about Windows, I just installed Windows XP on my Mac. Have I totally lost my mind? Almost…

I’ve been doing a lot more work that requires testing sites in Internet Explorer 6, which of course, is only available for Windows. I contemplated getting a cheap PC, maybe spending a few hundred on a low-end model from Tiger Direct or finding a friend with an old cast off machine, but I finally realized the insanity of that, and decided adding a Windows PC to my network/desk/life would be a bad idea. So Virtual PC it is!

I had an older copy of Virtual PC, but it seems to have broken under Mac OS X 10.4, so it was time to upgrade. Installation took way to long, and there were way too many hiccups along the way, but eventually (3 hours later, right after midnight) I got it all working. I can now test things properly, and see what the world looks like using Internet Explorer on Windows XP. I’ll try to keep the swearing to a minimum.

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