I’m sick of hearing about honesty and integrity in the blogosphere. Sick of it! And so are you… Well, fret no more, the problem is solved!

Introducing PayMeToBlog.com, a site where you pay me to blog.

That’s right, no worries about some hidden agenda or disclosure. If a post shows up there, it’s been paid for (unless otherwise noted.)

I like to think of it as a bold experiment in blogging and advertising. I’m either a sell-out or a genius, you decide.

(Oh yeah, it’s also a videoblog. We’re multimedia-capable you know!)

2 Responses to “PayMeToBlog.com”

  1. Great idea. One suggestion: I think you should list how much you’re paid for each post. Sort of the reverse of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or Google Answers.

    Good luck! You’ll make tens of dollars at least.

  2. Bob, the prices are listed on the site, but are you suggesting a running total amount earned be displayed? Good idea…

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