d00d, Geek Entertainment TV Sells Out To PodTech… and that’s a good thing!

I’ve been a supporter of GETV for a while now (see: the aptly titled post Geek Entertaintment TV for proof) and that Scoble guy? I’ve seen him around the blogosphere a bit…

I know Scoble went to some (previously) little known outfit called PodTech, and I guess the blogosphere even noticed it, and sure, while everyone was all “Rocketboom this” and “Rocketboom that” I was all “GETV d00d!” or something like that.

Anyway, congrats to all parties involved… I can’t wait until I get to sell-out for real. I mean, PayMeToBlog.com is selling-out, but so far it’s just little selling-out, not full-blown selling-out, which is what I’m after.

One Response to “GETV and Scoble (and PodTech!)”

  1. thanks so much peter! yes you were like my first fan! yeah!

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