I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that this blog will help me get a job… (Unless someone wants to prove me wrong.)

I’ve also learned that looking for a job is a lot of work. You spend time on the job boards, and time writing (and re-writing) your resume, and talking to recruiters, and going to interviews, and you might even try a bit of networking, hoping you meet someone who might know someone who is hiring.

Anyway, I am a web geek for hire! I do open-source stuff, Perl, PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL… Mac OS X, blogging, podcasting, videoblogging, wikis, Microformats, Sematic Web, XHTML/CSS, etc… And even though I’m a techie-nerd, I come from the publishing world with a graphic design background. I love the web. I want to help build it, and improve it, for a company I like and respect. Is that so much to ask for?

Do you know of something in the Milwaukee/Madison area, or something with a company that doesn’t care where I live? Let me know

Hey, in the meantime, I’ll just be hopeful that PayMeToBlog.com takes off and pays me enough to live my extravagant lifestyle.

(P.S. I don’t do .NET or Java…)

2 Responses to “Job Update”

  1. “(P.S. I don’t do .NET or Java)”


    Good luck, and I hope a good telecommute offer comes your way soon enough.

  2. Michael LenzieNo Gravatar says:

    The pay me to blog thing has some actual commercial appeal, in an odd sort of way….it’s kind of like cliff notes…

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