I do love my Nokia 7610, but recently had a bit of trouble with it, which involved not being able to actually answer calls…

At first it was somewhat random, I’d get a call and answer the phone, and all was well. I would then get another call, and it would ring once (or just a half a ring) and then no matter what button I pushed I could not answer the call. After the call was over, things went back to normal. I was also using my ringtone for the alarm, which would only play the half-ring, and then stop.

I ended up debugging the problem by changing profiles and selected ringtones, and finally realized that the MP3 I had created and used for a ringtone was causing the problem.

I’d been using an MP3 of a phone ringing for nearly a year now, and never had a problem. Did it become corrupt? It was stored in the phone’s memory, and I’m guessing it was written to memory once when I loaded it onto the phone, and read from memory each time the phone played the sound.

I’m using a different ringtone right now, but I’m going to load a new copy of the MP3 I created to see if a fresh copy fixes the problem.

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