The folks at Plazes finally launched Plazes for Mobile Phones, so life is good… (See: Plazes goes mobile)

Now us geeks that do not travel around with laptops using wifi on a daily basis, but do have a decent mobile phone can join in on the fun.

I’ve only been running it for a day now, so I can’t give much of a review yet, but it’s a fairly simple (and well done) Series 60 application. Installing and running it is easy as heck. (You don’t even need to install Python.)

Now if they can just make their badge available in valid XHTML, I might use it. :)

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  1. britneyNo Gravatar says:

    I am a geek that has a laptop with a mobile broandband card via my cell provider, this way I do not have search around for wifi spots. I still have my cell but with skype and messenger I find I rarely ever use it other than for emergencies.Even still I look forward to your review of PLazes new mobile down the road.

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