So I thought, what can I do for a BarCamp session that would definitely overload my plate… A Mash Pit!

Mash Pit

At BarCampMilwaukee, we will have a session on what a mashup is, just going over the basics, showing some examples, talking about APIs, and brainstorming ideas, but for those who aren’t into sleep, we’ll start at 11 PM and see what we can crank out before the sun rises.

We are prefixing with “Mini” because it may only be a few hours or so, depending on whatever else is going on at BarCampMilwaukee. I’m still hoping a bunch of code monkeys I’ve emailed plan to come, because while just me sitting at a table doing this alone would still be very cool, and result in some killer app, I’m sure I could use the input and assistance of others… :)

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