I’ve been hearing people’s opinions on the new Milwaukee Admirals logo since it came out. My opinion, it looks like it’s meant to appeal to kids, and in doing so, does not appeal to adults. So I thought I should fix that.

Milwaukee Admiral's Logo

Here is the original version.

Milwaukee Admiral's Logo (fixed!)

Here is my version.

Ok, five minutes in Photoshop might not cut it, but you get the idea. It’s all in the eyes. In the first version the eyes just make it all look too cartoony. Skulls aren’t all happy and shiny, they are mean and scary. Or at least they should be.

(I wonder if I can find work doing logo re-design…)

One Response to “The New Admirals Logo”

  1. czeltic girlNo Gravatar says:

    Much better. Still cartoony, but at least now it’s fierce, so the team won’t be mistaken for being in a pee-wee league.

    And it still looks like a pirate, not an admiral, but I’m ok with pirates. (Just as long as I don’t get the standard “but you needed to watch the video explaining that it’s the ghost of the Admiral. It’s not a pirate” answer. Look — if you need a video to explain your logo to people, it’s not a very good logo choice.)

    Now if someone could do something about the font…

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