A friend of mine, who does work in video production professionally, just purchased an upgrade from Final Cut Pro 3 to Final Cut Pro 5. In doing so, he provided his version 3 serial number, paid for the software, got it delivered, tried to install it, and that’s where things got messy…

When the installer asked for the version 5 serial number, he put it in, and it then asked for the version 3 serial number. No matter how many times he tried it, it was a no go. Reboots were tried, running version 3 while installing was tried, etc. No good…

After a phone call to Apple about this, and walking through it all again, the support guy asks for the version 3 serial number, and then says that number is a hacked serial number floating around the net. Now what?

To be clear, my friend has the actual version 3 disk with the actual version 3 serial number printed on the disk envelope, and all the original packaging, etc. He bought it. He makes his living doing video production. What the hell is he supposed to do now?

2 Responses to “Commercial Software Gone Wrong”

  1. Often a situation occurs like this with a game. Usually what people do is take a picture of their purchased packaging and key. This usually proves that it’s not a hacked serial. I think he should call Apple up again, and use what evidence he has to prove that he is a buying customer.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jordan… He was able to provide proof of purchase to Apple and finally get the upgrade to work.

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