I know Ruby on Rails is all the rage, but…

Application error (Rails)


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  1. Hmm… tempting me with more negative Ruby/Rails posts. Fine, you’ve drawn me in.

    This is error is given when the app is in production mode. So as not to give out specific code and other information of the web. In development mode, the error would be like any other language/framework, with exceptions and the like. I find this solution a bit more graceful than PHP, although in Rails, the dev should really be sending you to an error page, not the default Rails one.

    This is a much better example of what you’ll find in a dev environment.


  2. Hey, the last post was Pro-Ruby and Anti-Java!

    Obviously, these are errors end users should never see…

  3. Agreed. But this is a developer problem, not a framework problem.

  4. And you’re right, that comment was pro-ruby. So I’m sorry :-)

  5. I know there are plenty of high-volume sites that are built using RoR, but I just worry that people will see RoR as a ‘silver bullet’ and decide to use it thinking it will magically solve every problem. Ruby is a language, and RoR is a framework, and ultimately it’s the developers who will make it work (or not work.)

  6. I agree, but I find this to be true with many technologies. And there are alot of serious coders out there using Rails, who are able to look past a “magic bullet” mentality. We’ll see what happens…

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