Remember Blogger? It was a side project of Pyra Labs, whose real project was Pyra.

From what I understand, twitter is a side project of the folks behind Odeo

So is twitter the next Blogger?

2 Responses to “Is twitter the next Blogger?”

  1. GabeNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t think so. Not until Phonecos start including text messages in their basic backages anyway. I’m wary to sign up for anything that’s going to cost me 10 cents a pop for using it.

    Perhaps I’m the last person on earth this is marketed to. I mean, I don’t have a data package on my phone becuase If i wanted to check the web, why on earth would I use my cell phone?

  2. You would use the web on your phone if you were nowhere near a computer with net access. Maybe…

    I ended up adding a text messaging package because it was cheap and I use it for server monitoring, and other geeky stuff, but my data plan is a ‘pay per use’ and really don’t use it much, cuz I am cheap.

    Of course if we were both 10 years younger, I’m sure we’d think differently.

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