We’ve been discussing whether or not the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup should continue to use Meetup.com or venture off onto our own…

I’m convinced we could replace the web tools that Meetup provides, the main issue in my mind is if people will be able to find us, since we won’t really be a “Meetup” group any more. I think with the power of the web (and blogs!) we can do it.

We’ll be meeting in November at Z2 Marketing + Design and I’m hoping at that point we can make a decision about it. If you’ve got comments about this, discuss it at Meetup.com or feel free to leave a comment here…

3 Responses to “Meetup, or Not?”

  1. Scott ReynenNo Gravatar says:

    It would be great if you ventured off on your own to create a Meetup-style site specifically focused on the needs of a Web Design community, and then made that available to groups in other cities.

  2. Mike RohdeNo Gravatar says:

    I can see both sides. If we want to rely on the net for having others find us, then leaving Meetup makes sense. However, Meetup I think has a little more visibility, which helps people find the group.

    And if we put a placeholder at Meetup, will it still cost us something? And further, won’t we then be supporting 2 sites rather than 1? That could get a bit messy.

    Sounds like a good topic for group discussion next month. :-)

  3. I think if we want to actually exist as the “Milwaukee Web Design Meetup” it’ll cost us, but if we change the name, start our own group, let all Meetup members know, and then abandon Meetup a month later, I think we’ll be fine.

    I plan to let plenty of people know about the new group when it happens.

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