I’ve been using iChat lately, but I’m still not convinced I like it…

I was a long time user of Fire, until I switched to Adium, which I still really like, so why mess with iChat? Video

Yup, I’ve been toying with video chat, and since Adium can’t do that, iChat is what I’ve been using, and it works great for video, but as an IM client, it is a bit lacking…

iChat doesn’t do Yahoo! or MSN Messenger (I don’t use MSN, but some people do) but it does do Jabber/XMPP and handles Bonjour connections, which is nice.

You can enhance iChat a bit with Chax, and I’ve also added growliChat as well. They help a bit, but for a Mac OS X client, I still like Adium, but the chances of Adium doing video any time soon are pretty damn slim.

5 Responses to “iChat (Maybe…)”

  1. Mike RohdeNo Gravatar says:

    I feel the same way. I use Adium for everyday chat and just fire up iChat when video is requested. BTW, Skype is adding video o the Mac client… but I know you aren’t a Skype fan.

  2. Is it that well known I’m not a Skype fan? ;)

    Actually, I think I did try their Mac OS X beta with video, but it didn’t work for me.

  3. So… what is your reason for not liking Skype? Just out of curiousity. Also, I’ve been looking forward to a post on console use of growl. Just a hint. ;-)

  4. Pete,

    Skype 2.0 just came out of beta, so perhaps you should give it another try. Maybe it’ll work this time.

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