I was approached by someone in Milwaukee about helping out with a “Web 2.0″ style conference, and the first thought I had was, what would we call it?

I mean, it would be about “Web 2.0″ style technology and applications, but can we use the term “Web 2.0″? Do we have to ask Tim or CMP or a lawyer?

I think having a “Web 2.0″ conference in Milwaukee is a great idea, and has amazing potential, but being able to promote it and talk about it may be difficult if we have to avoid actually using the term “Web 2.0″

3 Responses to “Web 2.something Conference”

  1. I’d call it something like “Agile Web” or something else, just because Web 2.0 can have a lot of negative connotations. I think that “Web 2.0″ is about agility and new technologies, but that’s my personal opinion.

  2. mike dunnNo Gravatar says:

    i always like the term – emerging web technologies, but you might still run into the same 800lb gorilla ;)


  3. HeyGabeNo Gravatar says:

    I have always liked the term “Next Generation” because it implies that you’re talking about the future, rather than talking about the present. Unless, you don’t mean Web2[point]oh in the “next generation” sense, but rather in the reflective-misspelled logo sense.

    So, call it something that is really really long and academic. “The Milwaukee Web Developers Next Generation Standards and Deployment Conference for Next Generation Web Developers. (MWDNCSDCNGWD for short. By the way it’s pronounced “MuhwuhnicDeeCeeEnGawd”)

    You know what? forget I commented. I am whats wrong with Web2.0.

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