“I fell through” is what I said when I broke through the ice and fell into Fowler Lake over the weekend…

I was pretty damn matter of fact. I didn’t panic, or freak out, I just sort of had the ice give way under me, and then I was all wet, and in the water up to my waist.

It wasn’t really a matter of thin ice, but I’ll say this: If you are on the lake, and decide to stand next to a raft, don’t stand there too long, because there is a good chance the water under the raft is not really frozen, or frozen very well.

Unlike every movie you’ve seen, I did not go under the ice, or lose hearing in one of my ears. Basically, my legs got all wet, and then I climbed out of the water and onto the raft. Everyone else was freaked out, but I was just instantly wet and cold, so I wanted to go home. I was wearing a pair of dungarees and snowpants. My dungarees didn’t even get that wet, but my snowpants did, as did my Chilkats, which are still drying out 4 days later.

By the time we got home and I got out of the wet clothes, we were laughing about the whole thing. (Remember, tragedy + time = comedy.) I even came up with a headline in case the local paper wanted to mention it “Local man falls through ice” and I considered printing up a shirt that said “Fowler Lake Polar Bear Club” for myself…

2 Responses to “I Fell Through…”

  1. czeltic girlNo Gravatar says:

    Good job. You should definitely make yourself a t-shirt.

    Kinda wondered if the ice had thinned on smaller lakes, what with the warmer temps this weekend. Guess that answers that.

  2. Glad to hear you are safe and sound. That happened to me when I was younger, but it was just a very small frozen river. I was at my aunt’s house for a family Christmas party. So, I had to sit there wrapped in a blanket in my underwear while my clothes were in the dryer with all my family looking at me (probably thinking, “what an idiot”). Ahhh, fun childhood memories.

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