Recently I mentioned how the old Epson 777 was having some printing problems. Sadly, it’s only gotten worse.

The printer often doesn’t even print a page with ink on it, so it’s becoming somewhat useless. (It is fun to hear the loud grinding noise it makes, I really should record that!) My handwriting is terrible, and using a pen makes my hand hurt. (Who was it that said the “Pen is mightier!” anyway?) Do you know how hard it is for me to write things down because I can’t print them? And don’t get me started on maps! Sheesh, I have to hand draw maps while looking at the monitor. (If I don’t make it to tonight’s meeting, that’s why…)

I’m this close to getting a new printer. Actually, since I have about 6 unused ink cartridges, I really should just get another Epson 777.

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