At BarCampMadison there were too many good sessions. Too many! It was often hard to choose what to take part in. I suppose that’s a good thing…?

Blake Hall‘s session Drupal – Intro, Development, Bootstrap your site seemed way to short. Drupal is quite a system, and he expressed concern about what and how much to cover in just an hour. More Drupal! As I’ve mentioned, I’m interested in getting together a group of Drupal folks sometime this year, maybe as a DrupalCamp, in the Milwaukee(ish?) area. Depending on how many people we’d have, I think I may already have a space for it. (Of course we could use a sponsor or two!)

Christian Wilcox‘s session Repurposing web data was another good one that could have gone longer. This could have expanded into a couple hours of working on code after the session. Of course, there was so much to do at BarCamp, it would have meant missing out on other things. :(

Again, perhaps holding some sort of mashpit fully separate from BarCamp may solve the problem of people wanting to flex their code muscles and expand on the ideas they have.

As usual, BarCamp’s help get the creative thoughts rolling, now it’s just a matter of applying them.

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