I come from the design world. I don’t often admit this, but I love type. I love type design. I’m a fan of fonts. It’s all true…

FontExplorer X

I just started playing with Linotype’s FontExplorer X. It’s an amazing application. Besides managing the fonts you have installed, it also acts as a front-end to the Linotype store. Imagine iTunes for fonts. You can browse, search, test, and purchase fonts all through FontExplorer X. Damn that’s cool!

It may only appeal to design geeks, but if you have hundreds of fonts and need to quickly go through them all to find what works for a specific design, this may be just what you need. (I know I said “hundreds of fonts” even though some designers have thousands of fonts, I just didn’t want to scare non-designers too much.)

5 Responses to “For the Love of Fonts”

  1. JasonNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Pete! Looks cool. We’ve been looking for an alternative to FontBook. One thing you forgot to mention…it’s FREE!

  2. Most of the stuff I mention is free, but you’re right, I neglected to mention it is a free application.

  3. EllenNo Gravatar says:

    I like the fact FontExplorer X is free but the fact it is easy to use does not hurt at all either, thanks for the neat find.

  4. regeyaNo Gravatar says:

    I work in an office full of people who use both Classic and native programs, want the same font list on both, don’t want to have to think when they throw fonts in a folder…you know the drill. ATM under Classic, FontExplorerX for everything else. Makes for a very simple experience, something that seems like a dream when dealing with fonts.

  5. Still use Classic for real work? I do fire up Classic when I need to use my old scanner, but I don’t think I’d create anything with fonts while I’m there.

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