Through some odd set of circumstances, I ended up searching Amazon for my own name, and found that I was mentioned in the Podcasting Bible.

Podcasting Bible: Page 40

In the image above you’ll see some highlighted text that says “Amphetadesk, an RSS newsreader developed by Pete Prodoehl” The problem is, that text is inaccurate and/or misleading. I’m not one to take credit for things I didn’t do. (But wait, isn’t the history of Podcasting filled with people taking credit for what they didn’t do?) Morbus Iff was the lead developer of Amphetadesk. Morbus is a friend of mine, and I was a big fan of Amphetadesk. I don’t know that any of my code or suggestions ever went into Amphetadesk, but I did create a skin for Amphetadesk which enabled the links found in RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures.

It appears the Podcasting Bible was published by Wiley in February 2007. Oddly enough, some of my writing oes appear in another Wiley book, Videoblogging. I mentioned that in the post I am a (Contributing) Author!

Anyway, if you want to give me credit for things I didn’t do, please feel free to do so… but you should know that I may try to set the record straight.

One Response to “Podcasting Correction”

  1. RainerNo Gravatar says:

    In my opinion it’s one of the greater benefits of open-source (or “OS related”) software, that honor goes directly to the developer – cause she’s mentioned in the code.
    We should preserve that benefit for several reasons. You’re surely right with setting that record straight.

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