Starting in March of 2008, Indoor Football will be back in Milwaukee… The new team is the Milwaukee Bonecrushers.

Milwaukee Bonecrushers

I worked on the build of their web site mkebonecrushers.com, which had to be completed in just a few days to be ready for their first press conference. I think I prefer sites that have to be built quickly with short deadlines as opposed to projects that go on and on and on. (There’s a site I’m working on now that has been in progress for 11 months. We’re hoping it launches before a full year is up.)

Oh yeah, back to the football. Honestly, I am not much of a football fan (saying this in Wisconsin could get me strung up, but it’s true) but I’ve got to know some of the Bonecrushers, and these guys are passionate about what they are doing: having their own team, and having it in Milwaukee, has been a dream of theirs, and it’s exciting to see it come true.

If you want to see this crazy brand of indoor football, where it’s up close, on a small field, with 7-on-7, and narrow goal posts, they’ll be playing at the U.S. Cellular Arena in 2008. (But keep an eye out for exhibition games in 2007.)

2 Responses to “Milwaukee Bonecrushers”

  1. Was this purely your baby or did you work with a team on this site? Either way, it looks great. Nicely done.

    I’ve been salivating over getting season tickets ever since rumors of the team started circulating a couple months ago. And well and behold I just got an email from you about my ticket request.

  2. Argh! Did I totally forget to mention Z2? I just did all the code, while the marketing and design experts at Z2 did all the branding, id, graphics, photography, video, etc. Oh, well, I did work on the song, and that is my fist on the site. :)

    I’ll see what I can do to get you the inside track.

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