Remember two months ago, when I got a new iMac? Well, I got a phone call from my brother-in-law saying he was on his way to the Apple Store to pick up a new 20″ Apple iMac.

Apple iMac (New!)

So we’ve got the same computer now! Well, except that in that two month span, Apple redesigned the thing and speed bumped it. For anyone new to the platform, that’s the way Apple works. Get used to it.

Apple iMac (Newer!)

The last time my brother-in-law bought an iMac, Bondi Blue was a hot new color…

Apple iMac (Old!)

Welcome to the future!

One Response to “New iMac”

  1. Mike LenzieNo Gravatar says:

    The new mac is great…it did take me two hours and nine cuss words before I got the wireless hooked up. It is pretty speedy, and the basic speakers are way better than the Dell it replaced….

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