Song again, this one titled “Electrifying Movement” is weird and trippy. You should be able to hear it right on this page, using the embedded player below.

You can grab it from Ourmedia or the Internet Archive, and it’s got a Creative Commons Attribution License. (If you need something else, get in touch with me.)

3 Responses to “Electrifying Movement”

  1. drewNo Gravatar says:

    shouldn’t these also be in your rasterweb audio feed?

  2. Probably… I’ve been busy and adding these to the feed will take an extra few minutes. Maybe I’m more lazy than busy. TO DO!

  3. David JaquayNo Gravatar says:

    Fun thing: just got a Recommentations Digest from last.fm, and this track was on it as a freebie. (Just thought you might like to know.)

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