I got an email from Larry Clarkin a while back asking if he and Dave Bost could use some of my music for a podcast they were working on. Larry’s a nice guy, I mean, he didn’t even have to ask, since the music I’ve recorded this year has all been released under a Creative Commons license, but he did, and that’s cool, and now the first episode of The Thirsty Developer is out.

The funny part about it is, if you would have told me a few years ago that two guys from Microsoft wanted to use some of my songs in a show they were doing, I probably would have laughed out loud. Larry and Dave are both good guys though (they’ve sponsored BarCampMilwaukee both times) so they’re ok in my book. They’re just starting, so I’m going to cut them some slack on the attribution part, but I’m sure they’ll get it in there somewhere. :)

One Response to “The Thirsty Developer Podcast”

  1. Pete-

    Thanks for the pointer to the podcast and the kind words. Your songs are one of the highlights of the show (which is still rought around the edges). Sorry we have been so slow with getting the attribution out there, it is coming (we owe you and the guys that did our logo a big thanks!).

    Any chance that we could book you on the show to talk about Microformats, Drupal or putting on a barcamp? We don’t want this to be just a Microsoft show. This offer applies to anyone with an interesting technology to talk about. :-)


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