What will you do at MilwaukeeDevHouse1?

MilwaukeeDevHouse1 will take place March 14, 2008, and we hope to see you there…

MilwaukeeDevHouse1 MilwaukeeDevHouse1 will take place March 14, 2008, and we hope to see you there.

Sure, we hope to combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere, but what do you plan do when you are there?

SuperHappyDevHouse23 just took place, and here’s a few things people had on their TO DO list for it:

  • solar-powered Arduino
  • Hello World in Adobe Air
  • home automation web UI
  • trying to learn how to write a stored proc in Postgresql
  • reading about hotel software.
  • Working on a coupl’a Facebook apps
  • Working on a random heatmap overlay generator

I’ve already had one person say “I’ll bring nasty toxic chemicals to etch PC boards and make something” so already, we’re looking at something interesting happening. :)

10 replies on “What will you do at MilwaukeeDevHouse1?”

I’m going to hang around and be loud.
And I’ll probably edit some on my novel.
I also have at least two query letters I need to write.
Maybe, though, I’ll send out BarCamp Milwuakee 2 thank you letters.

Either continue my Rails learning project (a slashdot-esque chess community site) or work on the bones of an interactive PGN-based chess game display web service (AJAX/PHP).

Or maybe I’ll end up getting distracted by someone else’s project and dive in to help them.

Whatever happens, I figure on being up to my elbows in code for as long as I can stay semi-upright.

I think I might float about and provide graphic secret weaponry skillz to who needs em, or I may build out on WordPress… we’ll see.

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