I wish the best of luck to Team Web414 as they compete in the F1 Web Site Challenge this weekend. One of the reasons I could not go, is because I am on another team… Team Z1.

Z2 United Team Z1 will be playing against Team Z2 (though we’re all Z2, but Z1 is the Black Team and Z2 is the Red Team, confused yet?) Anyway, The gang at Z2 Marketing will be playing soccer at the U.S. Cellular Arena on Sunday, March 2nd, before the Milwaukee Wave game.

The Wave plays at 2PM, so come early and see us run around the field like a bunch of total spazzes and attempt to score a goal. Bring your camera, it’ll be fun (and humiliating) for everyone! (I’m on the Black Team, so cheer for us…)

Update: My team lost, and I hurt my legs pretty bad. There is a reason goalies wear long pants, sleeves, and gloves!

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