How’s that film going?

I get that question every now and then… and the answer is, “it’s going!” followed by “slowly…”

You can follow the progress at balancingactfilm.com

I’ve interviewed Jeramey Jannene and James Carlson, and I’m working on scheduling Nikol Hasler, Mike Rohde, and Davey von Bohlen.

So while it’s true that the process is going slower than I hoped, that is to be expected. I’ve been taking on more paying work, and that gets in the way, but it’s unavoidable (and a theme of the film…)

I did get some b-roll shot this weekend, of course getting time to log and capture the footage is not easy, but for now I’ll keep shooting and looking for developing themes.

As soon as I get a break in the action, I’ll see what I can do to put together some promos so people can see a bit of what we’ve got so far. It’ll happen, but yeah, it’ll take some time.

2 Responses to “About that film…”

  1. Hattie AnnNo Gravatar says:

    All great achievements take time. I’m looking forward to a sneak peek.

    Hattie Ann

  2. Kendall SueNo Gravatar says:

    Life in itself is a juggling act to see just how much we can get done in a short (and seemingly getting shorter)24 hour period. Hang in there. I’m rooting for you to complete your project soon and unveil it on the world.

    Kendall Sue

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