So we decided to try an experiment… instead of everyone using headphones or listening to music on their own computer, we loaded up our Living Room Mac with a bunch of songs and turned it into a jukebox. It plays through the office sound system so pretty much everyone can hear it. Since everyone contributed songs, we’re starting to hear a good variety. But in order to solve that “What song is this!?” problem, I set up a last.fm account at last.fm/user/z2marketing. (It started with just my music for the first day, so the stats were a little screwy at first… well, they still are, but it will even out over time.)

Z2 Marketing at last.fm

So far it’s proved interesting… and it’ll be neat over time to see what the office collectively listens to. The new office is a lot larger, so this has sort of helped to pull things together and make it feel more comfortable and not as spread out, which it felt at first due to how much room we have now.)

Anyway, if you want to see what we are listening to, check it out at: last.fm/user/z2marketing

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