Knellotron told me to check out Amie Street, an innovative music site where you pay for music with prices that correlate to an artist’s popularity. So I checked it out…

Amie Street I put my album "Snowbound" from the 2008 RPM Challenge up there to see what would happen. So far it’s a bargain at 27 cents! It was free until Gabe came along and recommended 3 of the songs… Still, I think 27 cents is a real bargain, but snap it up now before the prices goes up!

I like the concept of Amie Street, where you get rewarded with low prices by finding new (and unpopular artists) and the artists get rewarded proportionately to their popularity. I told a friend of mine she could fine unpopular music for cheap and she got really excited, saying “I love unpopular music!”

I managed to get 4 albums of surf music for less than $3, and 3 of them were free. One of them is actually pretty good too.

Take a look at Amie Street if you are interested in finding new music. Hey, you can even look at my artist page if you want to…

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