At Open Everything, at the end, after we wrapped everything up… there was this discussion of art. It went like this:

Mr. J: But what is art?

Mr. P: I could poop on the floor and call it art!

Mr. A: …And I could remix it!

Mr. G: …And I could mash it up!

I’m pretty sure at the point the conversation ended. In laughter…

(The names have been changed to protect us… er, the people involved. Also, I wasn’t exactly sure who said what.)

One Response to “The Art of Poop”

  1. Mr. GNo Gravatar says:

    And, I’m pretty sure there was discussion of whether poop was a derivative art, or if there is some intellectual property concerns on the part of the kernels of corn that make up a portion of the poop itself.
    Or maybe I had the good taste not to go there.

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