Had a bit of fun today…. one of our users ran the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update, and all was well, except that which was not, and “that which was not” was the fonts.

Do you work with graphic designers? Then you know they love fonts… lots of them!

So after rebooting, running fsck, running repair permissions, trying to verify the disk, trashing preference files, and on and on… I finally ended up disabling all fonts, and then enabling just the core system fonts, and things started working again. By things, I mean Adobe Photoshop CS3. Sure, Mail.app was having some issues getting up and running, but in Photoshop, every time a file with text was opened, it got a “program error” which also happened if you opened a new document in Photoshop and clicked the type tool.

So the culprit is a font. Probably a bad font. We still don’t know which one… but as they are re-enabled, hopefully we’ll find out… and then work on replacing it.

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