I find myself on a quest to do some time lapse video… and this one was done with the built-in camera on the Eee PC running Ubuntu (Netbook Remix) and the application UCView.

There seems to be a bug in UCView that prevents it from creating more than 150 still images. I’ll need to dig into that a bit more… It can also create video files, but I prefer stills. With the stills I typically use mencoder to combine them into a video file.

The Eee PC is a nice small solution for time lapse photography. It’s one device, and does everything. Quality? Well, not that great… and bugs? Hopefully I can get more than 150 images in the future…

This will be the first post of many exploring time lapse photography/video. It can be difficult. Just ask this guy.

3 Responses to “Time Lapse from Eee PC”

  1. Mr. GNo Gravatar says:

    A program called “Gawker” does the trick pretty nicely from your MacBook’s built in iSite. http://gawker.sourceforge.net/Examples.html

    I used it when I did this one.

  2. Mr. GNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, I also used a windows program that took stills and then I rendered them with *gasp* windows movie maker into a DV file. I’ll have to look up the name of that program for you. But it’s windows so you won’t care.

  3. Actually, I do care because *gasp* I may have to do a time-lapse on Windows!

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