The Milwaukee Strobist group on Flickr met at Z2 Photo on June, 23rd 2009… Here’s a time-lapse video of the event.

(This video is also available at blip.tv and at Vimeo and is published under a Creative Commons Attribution License.)

3 Responses to “Milwaukee Strobist Meetup (Time-Lapse)”

  1. Curt RNo Gravatar says:

    That is exactly what it felt like all nite long….. Thanks Z2!!!!

  2. Srsly.
    Where is ur music credits? I like the song. Who dids it and how can I buy a copy. As a man of leisure, I’m not required to use the whole words and write proper grammar. But you already knew that.

  3. Gabe, while I normally would have composed something, I ran out of time and ended up using a piece from Logic’s loop library. (If you want the name, I can get it at a later date…)

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