Motion Designer Paul (congis) posted about using IOGraphica to create an image that tracked his mouse usage, and hey, that’s pretty damn cool, so I had to do it too!

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Here’s my first attempt. I don’t know why there is all that space on the right side. I mean, it appears to be off my monitor. (Even though I have two displays, it only tracks the main one.) I like the orbital qualities of the lines on the right side though…

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This one was an attempt to actually “draw” things… Hmmm, maybe I should demo this at DrawCamp

3 Responses to “Draw while you work”

  1. Daria KempkaNo Gravatar says:

    You should definitely demo this at DrawCamp!

  2. mathiasxNo Gravatar says:

    is mine.

    I’d like to see if IOGraphica is AppleScript-able, so that I could have it export an image every 2 or 5 seconds. Then I could build up a timelapse over one day.

  3. Nice one Matt! Yeah, time-lapse would be awesome…

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