So there I was quietly trying to enjoy my lunch when I heard voices… I then found these two nutcases out back near the dumpsters with an old PowerMac so I grabbed the video camera and caught it all on tape.

They told me they may have more things that need to be smashed, and that I should be on the lookout and always have a camera ready… I told them that if they bring the smashin’ I’ll bring the camera, and we’ll see what happens.


5 Responses to “PowerSmash: Death of a PowerMac”

  1. I always love me some smashy-smashy… I just feel so bad for those pooooor decrepid PowerMacs….


  2. AsheNo Gravatar says:

    Haha, lovely.

  3. Don’t worry Patrick, they lived a nice full life, and then went on to spend many years on the RasterWeb! Ranch for Retired Computers, where they were gently used by children for a few more years before succumbing to the fate of PowerMacs everywhere…

  4. CameronSSNo Gravatar says:

    Aww, when I got an old PowerMac that had been bricked by a basement flood, I gutted the thing. Add foam padding, now it’s an electronics case.

  5. CameronSS, oooh, nice idea! I’ve still got two more of them in the shop. Maybe I’ll make a nice case or two. The handles and swinging door make sense for that.

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