The Mozilla folks make it pretty easy to send them crash reports… In fact, I think it was Netscape that first implemented a way for the browser to easily submit a report when something went wrong and your browser crashed.

I did find some instructions for reporting a crash bug in Chrome, and of course Safari can also send crash reports. Hopefully this makes for better software in the future.

In digging into all the crash reporting, I found that Mozilla actually publishes the results they get. Head on over to their crash-stats site and take a look.

Mozilla Crash Reporting

You can do custom queries for a few different Mozilla products, so in this screen shot I chose the current stable version of Firefox running on Mac OS X. Hmmm, looks like the Flash Player caused the most crashes…

I couldn’t find if Google or Apple has anything like this, but if they don’t, they should think about it… There’s some great data in there.

2 Responses to “Mozilla Crash Reports”

  1. Scott ReynenNo Gravatar says:

    Apple could be doing a lot more with their crash reporting beyond just Safari. They use the same crash reporter for every app, and developers have complained they don’t have access to the info. But they do have access to iOS crash logs, so Apple obviously sees some value in sharing the data. If they just did the same thing for OSX crash logs, they could make some logs (e.g. Safari) public while keeping most of it private to the developer.

  2. Thanks for the info Scott… This is just another little thing where I think the openness of Mozilla is an advantage to the closed nature of Apple or Google, as far as browser development goes.

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