BarCampMadison3 will take place Saturday, August 28, 2010 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. As of this post, barcampmadison.eventbrite.com show everyone who has registered for BarCampMadison.


I wasn’t sure how long the Eventbrite data would be around (does it disappear after the event?) but since it’s publicly accessible, I figured I’d post it here as well. Feel free to check out the web sites or Twitter streams of people who plan to attend BarCampMadison.

  1. Mitch Altman
    Website: http://www.CornfieldElectronics.com
    Twitter: @maltman23
  2. Mark Anderson
    Website: http://www.markdavidanderson.com
    Twitter: @doodlehaus
  3. Lena Arvola
    Website: http://www.ontask.net/
    Twitter: @ontask
  4. Sam Baskinger
    Twitter: @basking2
  5. Peter Beckett
    Website: http://petebeckett.com
    Twitter: @ptrbeckett
  6. Brian Beermann
    Website: http://www.uwcu.org
    Twitter: @powdernine
  7. Lee Berg
    Website: http://LeeAlanBerg.com
    Twitter: @LeeAlanBerg
  8. Michael Blix
    Website: http://mkeblx.net
  9. Bryan Chan
    Website: http://www.renewableinternet.com
  10. Scott Christensen
    Twitter: @smchristensen
  11. matthew clark
  12. Levi Cook
    Website: http://github.com/levicook
    Twitter: @levicook
  13. Philip Crawford
    Website: http://lesspostmoreget.com
    Twitter: @wiscoDude
  14. Lucas Dailey
    Website: http://www.logicalconsensus.com
    Twitter: @lucasdailey
  15. Elisa Derickson
    Website: http://www.elisaderickson.com
    Twitter: @elisa_madison
  16. TJ Dooley
    Twitter: @tjdooley
  17. David Douthitt
    Website: http://administratosphere.wordpress.com
    Twitter: @ddouthitt
  18. Ashe Dryden
    Website: http://Ashedryden.com
    Twitter: @Ashedryden
  19. Nivas Durairaj
  20. Jacob Ela
  21. Matt Everson
    Website: http://astuteo.com
    Twitter: @astuteo
  22. Steven Faulkner
    Website: http://www.southpolesteve.com
    Twitter: @southpolesteve
  23. Patrick Fleury
  24. Scott Fradkin
    Twitter: @sfradkin
  25. Anthony Frey
  26. Josh Gachnang
    Website: http://servercobra.com
    Twitter: @eclectic_pc
  27. Matt Gauger
    Website: http://blog.mattgauger.com
    Twitter: @mathiasx
  28. carol gruba
    Website: http://www.greenheronresources.com
    Twitter: @bookluvn
  29. Bradley Grzesiak
    Website: http://bendyworks.com
    Twitter: @listrophy
  30. blake hall
    Website: http://blakehall.org
    Twitter: @blakehall
  31. Caden Howell
    Website: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/
  32. Karsten Huttelmaier
    Twitter: @kphutt
  33. Jim Jarrett
    Website: http://www.alliantenergy.com
    Twitter: @jrjarrett
  34. Nick Karpenske
    Website: http://bendyworks.com
    Twitter: @randland
  35. Adiatou Kassim
    Website: http://facebook.com/kassimad
  36. Sean Kelley
    Website: http://seanpkelley.com
    Twitter: @seanpkelley
  37. Chad Kittel
    Website: @ckittel
  38. Veezus Kreist
    Website: http://veez.us
    Twitter: @veezus
  39. Stephanie Larsons
  40. Nathan Lustig
    Website: http://www.entrustet.com
    Twitter: @nathanlustig
  41. Nathaniel Meierpolys
    Website: http://www.thanscorner.info
    Twitter: @nmeierpolys
  42. Christopher Morris
    Website: http://cunaverse.com
  43. Louie Penaflor
    Website: http://mystyleapp.com
  44. Pete Prodoehl
    Website: http://rasterweb.net/raster/
    Twitter: @raster
  45. Steve Pulec
    Website: http://stevepulec.com
  46. Brian Purtell
    Website: http://dewittross.com
    Twitter: @brpurtell
  47. Jimmie Rodgers
  48. Website: http://www.jimmieprodgers.com
    Twitter: @jprodgers
  49. Eduardo Sampedro
    Website: http://www.eduardo.net
  50. Jared Schaber
  51. Natalie Schaefer
    Website: http://www.madisoncoworking.com
  52. Mike Seeley
  53. Joseph Shaul
  54. Andrew Shell
    Website: http://blog.andrewshell.org/
    Twitter: @andrewshell
  55. Greg Tarnoff
    Website: http://tarnoff.info
    Twitter: @gregtarnoff
  56. Greg Tracy
    Website: http://gregtracy.com
    Twitter: @gregtracy
    Eric Veenendaal
    Twitter: @ericveenendaal
  57. Dan Voell
    Website: http://www.gobuzz.com
    Twitter: @danvoell
  58. Ryan Wachtl
    Website: http://ryanwachtl.com
    Twitter: @ryanwachtl
  59. Tony Walla
    Twitter: @tonywalla
  60. Devin Walters
    Website: http://devinwalters.com/
    Twitter: @devn
  61. Jenna Weber
    Website: http://startpointmarketing.com
  62. Adam Witt
    Website: http://wittlawoffices.com
    Twitter: @atwitt
  63. Jonathan Yankovich
    Website: http://madisoncoworking.com
    Twitter: @tronathan
  64. Matthew Younkle
  65. Evan Zeimet
    Twitter: @podnov

And of course, you can follow @barcampmadison on Twitter as well…

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