If you know me, you know I almost never share YouTube videos… probably because 98% of them are total crap, but sometimes through spelunking or some other method, like tips from a friend, you discover something amazing. This video of Ian MacKaye speaking at the Library of Congress is one of those amazing things.

If you know me, you might watch this and thing many of the things he talks about are familiar. If you don’t know me, watch this and you may get some insight into who I am. Ian touches on things I’ve been involved with for over 25 years (and continue to be involved with.)

Yeah, it’s long, but it’s worth it. I actually ended up transcoding it to audio and listening in the car, but hey, next time you want to watch some crappy movie or an award show, skip it and watch this instead. If you care about history, culture, art, music, documentation and preservation… It’s important. (Parts of it are also pretty funny.)

4 Responses to “Major Treat”

  1. CadeNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this, Pete! Ian is an incredible guy. Loved this.

  2. drewNo Gravatar says:

    took me a few sessions to get through it all, but such good stuff. thanks for the link!

  3. jasonNo Gravatar says:

    you call him Iam half way through your post, Pete. Thought you would like to correct that…
    Also, Ian gave Juliana a cupcake after an Evens show. It was awesome. :)

  4. Fixed the typo, and wow, what a great story… Does Juliana realize how awesome that is?

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