Yes, we will be doing another BarCamp in Milwaukee, and yes, it will be the first weekend in October, though we’re only doing one day this time, so join us Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at Bucketworks “Summer Camp”, located at 161 W Wisconsin Ave, 2nd Floor, right above TJ Maxx in the Grand Avenue Mall.

Show up around 9am, and we will wrap it up by 9pm. In-between it will be the usual user generated conference wherein we figure everything out the day of the event. Who will be speaking? What will they speak about? We don’t know… but we will figure it all out on the 5th. Think of it as an “idea swap meet” where you share your knowledge and thoughts, and others do the same. You will leave with new things in your head, and maybe even some new friends or partners in crime.

We’re going all retro by doing as little planning as possible, but if you would be so kind as to register at we would love that.

Also, bring some lunch money. There is a food court. Hey, it’s not like were asking you to bring your own chair! (Yes, we did that before.) It’s not like were asking you to bring your own utensils! (Yes, we did that too.) Oh, we may be able to provide parking for cheap. Would you pay $5 to park all day for this free event? Let us know on Atrium, or elsewhere, somehow.

It’s all so… undefined. Exciting, isn’t it!?!?