Recycled HDPE Plastic

It’s the return of HDPE! I was recently at IKEA and grabbed a metal baking pan. I gave up on glass after the last episode, and while people suggested Silicone, I never got around to buying a Silicone pan.

Recycled HDPE Plastic

Now, it’s important to remember this is recycled HDPE, and it’s not virgin material. Also, some foreign matter may get mixed in. The HDPE for this batch came from a few sheets I asked John McGeen to plane for me. He swept up the shreds and bagged it and returned it to me to re-melt. (The sweeping from the floor is probably why some foreign matter gets in.)

Recycled HDPE Plastic

The bottom (the part that was touching the metal pan) shows a bit more of a “burny” look to it, being yellow, and such. That may be the difference between glass and metal. I’ll experiment more to find out.

Recycled HDPE Plastic

Like the other pieces I pressed the hot HDPE between some pieces of wood. Removing the plastic from the metal pan was much easier than the glass pan. You could even consider skipping the pressing and just let it cool in the metal pan. It should shrink a little bit and pop right out.

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  1. kongorillaNo Gravatar says:

    Your life would be sooooo much easier if you went to the grocery store and bought some baking parchment. A layer of parchment under the plastic, another on top, and then you lift the molten plastic, paper and all, right out of the pan and put it straight into a press. Alternately, you can buy a cheap panini press that comes with flat griddle plates, and do the whole thing — parchment/molten plastic/press while cooling — in one place (you need to clamp the press shut, though). Have you checked the videos on youtube?

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